Getting ready………


Well I am up early ready for the big trip. Catching up on last minute work invoices, thinking about the pile of ironing still to do and the final packing in hope that we are not taking too much…..I will keep Thomas’ case less packed to slip in my Italian shopping. Just kiddin Thomas I would never do that 😉

One hair cut and eye brow wax to go ……….a couple of DS games to go. Still searching for suitcase cables while travelling trains. Not too sure if this is necessary!!!


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  1. we locked our suitcases on the fast trains in Italy – luggage storage area may be well away from where you are sitting – better safe than caseless 🙂

      • My son found a great device. its a retractable steel cable that locks into itself with a combination lock – not sure where he got it – probably somewhere like Katmandu or North Face or Paddy Palin. You intertwine it with your suitcase and the rails of the luggage rack – wont stop the determined bolt cutters but is a great deterrent for the opportunist

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