Day 1- Arrived in Berkhamsted UK my hometown


Checked in to the Kings Arms Hotel. Waiting for Sylvia and Jake, my aunty and uncle, to join us for breakfast. It is windy and cold outside but warm as toast inside. Great to be home!

The Kings Arms is a great little pub in Berko that has had a great renovation with lovely Tudor rooms with exposed black ceiling beams a 4 poster bed and open fireplace.

Sylvia and Jake arrive and after many reunion hugs and kisses and getting over the shock of how tall Thomas is, we tuck into many plates of scrambled eggs, bacon and David’s eggs Benny with smoked salmon.

Our rooms are ready so we all go up a steep staircase to a narrow hallway where there are 3 large doors all with names of characters from Graeme Green novels. My hometown of Berkhamsted also happens to be where the novelist Graeme Green grew up. Our rooms are great. Sylvia and Jake leave us to shower and try to recoup after our 24 or so hour flight. After showers and fresh clothes we feel a bit better even though Thomas is struggling to keep his eyes open.

We head out in the brisk Winter chilly wind to check out then shops and gorgeous Christmas decorations hanging on the lamp posts and shop facades. Once it is dark, which is about 4pm here, we will see the true affect of the lights. We notice the many restaurants and cafes and book an Italian place for an early dinner. After a quick stop at Tescos to get urgent sugary supplies, we drop of Kate and Thomas to the hotel while David and I venture further down the street. We take some photos of my old house in Holiday Street which was next door to a fish and chip shop where my dad peeled potatoes in exchange for their rent payment. Headed back as it got darker and started to rain. No snowflakes yet! We have a drink in the pub next to a lovely roaring open fire which only sends both David and I into a state of sleep.

David went to check on the kids but after continual knocking we had to get another key only to discover them both fast asleep.

We met up with Sylvia and Jake for dinner. Dinner was yummy at Ask where the staff were very friendly and attentive. We had the best garlic pizza to start with and great bowls of pasta and more pizza. Shaun the manager got talking to us about Italy and noticed both Kate and Thomas were sleeping on the table suffering from jet lag. He offered to drive us back up to the hotel which we did decline but was a very sweet gesture.

Good night Berko……London tomorrow and Le Miserable!



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