Day 1- Arrived in London……a bit cold!


What a long flight……you forget every time how far it is. Makes a trip to the USA so quick in comparison. We all managed to get some sleep. We were the last passengers back on the A380 Qantas Flight from Singapore. Kate was a bit sick in the lounge. As my Nanny Willis always said “better out than in”.Thomas was a great brother to Kate on takeoff looking after her! Those paper bags are handy!

The flight was rather uneventful except for the man in front of us finding a very large screw driver hidden down the side of the seat. So much for high security. Hopefully someone had not already loosened the bolts of the engine? The man in front also lost his wedding band down the seat. He was meeting an engineer on board after we landed to take the seat apart! Hope he finds it or it will be an interesting explanation he will be giving his wife.

We have arrived at Heathrow Airport and an hour to wait for our driver. Anticipated a delay in customs but we went through quickly. We are all sitting in the Air Canada lounge priority pass having some juice and cereal and blogging and catching up on emails. Kate is curled up hoping she can jump into bed soon. Thomas is a crazy man sitting here with a tshirt on and it is 4 degrees Celcius!


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