Day 2- London today


Of course we are up at the crack of dawn. No sounds next door yet! Decided to do some blogging. The floorboards are quite
creaky around here and there are some interesting uphill areas within the room. Love the Tudors!

Down for another great breakfast. Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, toast and bacon for the carnivorous few in our family. A very Winnie the Pooh blustery type of day with the trees bending right over out of the window. Decided to Skype my mum and dad who were so happy to hear from us. Gave dad a tour on the iPad of the Kings Arms Hotel where he visited as a young man!

Finally left for London, walking to Berkhamsted Train Station to catch a fast country link Midland train……85 pounds later. We were surprised at how fast the trains whiz through the station……..keeping a distance from the edge is advised! Mind the gap and onboard.

35 minutes we were there. Thank goodness we had the navigator guru with us so he could guide us smoothly through the London underground! First stop Madame Tussauds…Kate’s request.

Madame Tussauds
We were lucky to get a 2 for 1 offer by showing our rail passes. Once inside the crowds of school excursion revealed themselves but we still managed to take many photos. Thomas and I braved the scream walk while Kate and David missed this one. Lots of guys dressed in white with blood jumping out. We then got on a London Taxi ride which took you for a tour of the history of London. On leaving I discovered I was minus my scarf so a search by the staff of MT was underway. One lady said she had seen it somewhere. Finally it was located around the neck of Robin Williams or Robbie WIlliams………amazing to think people we taking photos of them with my scarf draped around the neck of Robin or Robbie……famous scarf! We all had a bit of fun and managed to escape the shop for only a small key ring. Onward bound to Les Mis.

Les Miserables- Queen’s Theatre
Located Piccadilly Circus. Up from the tube all was revealed. Not quite TIme Square but many roads leading to numerous theatres and people intersecting. We picked up our tickets we had per ordered from the box office. The asked if I was Jayne from Sydney… lovely they were expecting us. Escaped for an hour to a nearby French Restaurant for lunch after passing a few strip tease joints. Ok we were in Soho! Lunch consisted of French Onion soup, a fine burger for Thomas, salmon and calamari. Lunch was over and off to the Queen’s Theatre to see Les Mis. The theatre was filling up but not quite as much as the ladies bathroom with standing room for 10 only as per the sign. Yeah right like urgent women would even obey this rule! The show was great…..only closed my jet lagged eyes twice! Thomas was intrigued by the orchestra and Kate recognized songs from Glee! David was a bit emotional from the whole tragedy story line and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The train home was a bit of a wait for the missing driver……isn’t it just one button for go and one to stop at the stations. I could have done it. Walked back to the hotel then had a dinner and drinks after with Sylvia and Jake.





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