Day 3- Another day in London


A bit more of a sleep in this morning before another day in London. Off to St Paul’s Cathedral, The Courtauld Gallery in Somerset House and the National Gallery. We had another fabulous Kings Arms breakfast and walked again to Berkhamsted Train Station. Less windy today but stillrugged up with gloves and scarves. A bit of action this morning from me having “I have just spent 1 hour blogging and it didn’t save “meltdown to Kate not knowing what to wear! The poor men in our lives!

Nice quick train ride into London. Tickets were more reasonable at 9 pounds as we left after thenrush hour. Interesting character on the train who appeared to be talking on his mobile but really to himself and then let everyone on the train that it was ok he was talking to Dean, his invisible friend. Thankgoodness for that I thought he was a bit crazy for a minute.

First stop The National Gallery. Took some great Trafalgar Square shots with the Christmas trees swaying in the wind and not too many pigeons. I think they were run out of town. We went straight to the impressionists of course and got our fill off Van Gogh, Cezanne, Seurat, Manet, Monet and Degas. No photos at the National.

We then walked up the Strand to the Courtauld Gallery to see some more impressionists. Somerset House courtyard is huge and this is where the Tiffany ice skating rink appears each Christmas. We took some great photos and David did a bit of video footage for work! I think some people thought we were filming somethingI special as they all cleared the view and watched! Funny how people are. There was aacute Tiffany store right there. The gallery was wonderful as usual. I think Kate and Thomas are enjoying it all.

We all realized we were starving……not much snacking going on so we all look forward to our lunch. We found a place called Apostrophe for a soup and rolls. Thomas discovered he really is not a lover of beans and chilli but he did give it a go. The croissant he had was much more to his liking.


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