Day 4- First Day in Rome


Early wake up call from the Moffet special talking clock. Everyone was hungry but we are too early for the Kings Arms special breakfast. The driver located us and drove very fast to Heathrow for our flight to Rome. The trip has so far gone to plan until now! Terminal 3 on my itinerary was actually 5. I had not recorded it correctly from the booking info. Oh well now we get to experience the airport express train to T5. Great system. The sideways looks from David was still quite endurable and to be expected. His turn will come I am sure. Finally we get through the hoops of checkin and security to find our way to the BA loungeaking us walk past every designer store known to man. Lucky we were more focused on having breakfast than the latest handbags! We sat and ate large amounts of croissants and bacon rolls with coffee until it was time to board our Air Bus to Rome. The flight wasfull but quite empty in business….the kids seating was changed to bring them closer to us. Business seating was a vacant seat in the ddle of the 2 which did give you more room. After the 2 hour flight and David’s traditional G & T lineup and a champagne we arrived. Great view from the window of the lovely countryside, coastline and clusters of terracotta roofs.

Our luggage was easy to locate thanks to the Travel Gurus idea of placing a hideous orange and blue striped luggage strap around each bag. The guru of all things logical and sensible. We have good balance on the trip as I am here too! Our driver was booked and ready there for us to recognise our name. He packed the car well but did not speak English. Another fast airport transfer into Rome city. Amazing how much grafitti is on the buildings on the city outskirts. Obviously no penalty. I am sure Emporer Nero would have made an example of a graffitti artist at the Colosseum and being eaten by a lion would have cleaned up the city. The driver stops at the Palazz Quirinale where it was the Papal Summer residence but now the President resides.

Our apartment is Via della Dataria 91. The driver unlaods our gear and farewells us. We meet Constantine from the agency who arrives with a red helmet on a scooter. So Italian. She directs the men in our group to load the luggage into the luggage only lift and up to our 3rd floor apartment. Kate and I have a quick tour of the apartment realising the extra 2 bedrooms and bathrooms may not be used by us. After going over the garbage pickups and heating and setting up our internet and Constantine leaves. After a quick freshen up we go for a walk to see where we actually are and things close by. BTW the TG (Travel Guru) has spotted our need for extra toilet roll and soaps.

The Trevi Fountain is literally a street away and I think the whole of Rome is here throwing their coins into the fountain. What a sight and sound. We checked out the grocery store and got a few supplies then searched for a bankomat for some Euros. After a walk we returned to the apartment to search the net for a place for dinner. We found a cute place for pizza and pasta and some birra and vino. On our return we saw the Spanish Steps and the Via Condetti designer shops and the Christmas street decorations were just spectacular. One section had green and red lighting that appeared to look like tinsel draped down the centre of the streets like a wave of Christmas lights for you to follow but appeared to have no end!

Thomas is the first to say he is tired so we head back to the apartment. After a bit of a chat I fall asleep on the lounge and on waking see that everyone has gone to bed but me. Ah just like home! Goodnigh Rome.



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