Day 6 in Rome- The Pantheon


We are all anxiously waiting David’s return from his traditional walk. I would have probably liked a walk but felt our whole day was becoming one big walk and maybe the idea of both Kate and Thomas’ parents disappearing in a foreign country was not such a great idea. We are looking forward to some eggs and toast and trying not to eat anymore of the Cadbury chocolate stash we brought for emergencies.

Today we plan to visit the Pantheon and the best coffee place in Rome Tazza d’Oro then the Trevi to throw the coin, Santa Maria’s nativity scene and the Spanish Steps. We may do a day trip out of town on the train but we will see. A lovely lazy Sunday and Kate is still asleep and Thomas and I are tapping away on keys……..where are those eggs Moffet we are “Ho fame”!!!!

Yeah David is here with 6 eggs and 2 rolls……back here goes for enough for starving people! After a cooked breakfast we left for the day. Quite a mild day today which was quite pleasant. Even though we did not predict the morning rain about to fall. We headed to TIM mobile to get an italian SIM card….the UK one was a waste of time and a big con. The lady there was very helpful and understood exactly what we wanted. 6 sims and 118 euro later each phone and iPad has a SIM card. Drank a cup of liquid gold at Cafe Tazza d’oro which was great even though the server was very arrogant. The Pantheon was easy to find. A bit differ to David’s morning walk photos with no one there. The oculus at the centre of the dome is so large and the subtle drain holes directly underneath are very clever. This was railed off I suppose to stop people slipping when it does rain but David thought more for women’s heels not getting caught. The color and detail of the niched dome is amazing. The portico of Corinthian columns are so grand. Still the worlds largest unreinforced concrete dome.

After the Pantheon we decided to walk 10 million miles to Trastevere again over the river to find another good place….well David decided. We walked and walked but no place to eat. We ended up back at the same place as yesterday for another Roman lunch. We even took some Dutch people with us who were also looking for a place for lunch. The staff at Trattoria I’ll Ponintino remembered us I am sure. We sat downstairs. The building codes are a bit dodgy here. Not too sure of the fire escape procedure. I could barely slip between the tables. Same same but different. More walking to Piazza Santa Maria. This is a beautiful Medieval Basilica dedicated the Santa Maria Clemenze. Worth checking out the Byzantine mosaics.

We then ventured back over the Tiber river to the apartment. Once our shoes and boots are off and we become warm and comfortable some of us blog and others sleep. We then wake and contemplate a late dinner and finish our daily blogs.

Photos are coming……..


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