Day 7- The Vatican


We were all woken early by a crazy light show and thunder that seemed to fill the sky for hours. I have never seen a storm go on for so long. Today is the Vatican tour at 11am. We decided to grab a sweet pastry on the way and walk across the river to the Vatican. A long walk in continuous puddles trying not to be tempted to stop for more photos.

Once we arrived we proceeded to try to work out if we had to join the long queue through security into St Peter’s Bascillica. Of course after lining up and proceeding Estonia the entrance we are told we need to walk another mile to the Vatican Museum. Great we had 10 mins until it started. Will we make it? We briskly walked in rain once again along the side of the Vatican CIty wall. Through security again and met our guide who suggested a toilet break. Our feet and legs were tired and now we had a 3 hr walking tour. The sights were magnificent and ceilings and walls full of art and wonder. Our guide was great and very knowledgeable. Finally we arrived at the Sistine Chapel which was so impressive and detailed. Our guide had given us so much background that it was all so meaningful as to what Leonardo was trying to tell us in his message of heaven and hell. Aft the Sistine Chapel we walked through to St Peter’s Bascillica. The largest church in the world. Wow! The Pope was actually about to do a service for the South American’s. We could stay and wait 2 hrs but we decided not too. Our hunger had once again got the better of us. David needed to pick up his mono pod for his camera as he was unable to bring it into the Vatican and checked it in. He should have pretended it was a walking stick. We had to do the long walk again along the Vatican wall again. I can see now how the Italians burn off their pasta and stay thin. When we stepped outside again again, the heavens had opened and it was pouring with rain. We found a little place for lunch to also dry off.

Next stop in the late afternoon was the Spanish steps. The walk to the top to see a beautiful pink sunset. The chapel was closed so we would do this on our next stop in Rome. We then received a message to say our taxi was booked for tomorrow.

We walked back to the apartment after picking up some supplies for tomorrow’s breakfast. Time for a siesta to rest the legs after a long day of walking. We then woke ourselves up and walked down the road to il Miraggio for a quick bite to eat. Lasagne, ravioli, spaghetti and a famous juicy rare steak for my growing boy Thomas!

Good night Rome…..early tomorrow to pack and catch a train to Venice.


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