Day 8- Travelling to Venice


Early out of bed. David and I do some blogging. I plan to cook some eggs and bacon before the big trip. The weather is fine. Our guide yesterday mentioned to us that Rome has had weather 10 degrees hotter than usual which has been good for us.

We had a great cooked breakfast if I say so myself. Packing up was not too difficult and we were right on time ready for the taxi driver that was booked the night before. David and Thomas loaded the luggage lift and we opened the front door and there was the taxi driver in what appeared to be a car that would not fit all of our gear……but in true Italian fashion he squished it all in pronto! Slowly through the Roman traffic we travelled….much to Thomas’ horror we travelled in the back with no seatbelts. Too tight a fit to even consider searching for a buckle.

Once at Termini…..David spent most of his time worrying about gypsies and bags and I searched for the ticket validation. Straight through to the platforms as recommended then we headed to platform 1 where there was a Trentalia Kiosk and our rail pass was validated with a stamp and passports checked. We waited in a waiting lounge area and the boys went looking for some luggage security for the train. Good news our train to Venice was ready to board on platform 2. We located carriage 1 and maneuvered our luggage on board and stored it the luggage area. It is so wedged in that we feel quite comfortable it is safe for the trip. All settled in. We couldn’t get all 4 seats together David is behind my seat, Thomas is next to me and Kate is across the aisle. Busy blogging and the kids are playing games as we look out on the Italian countryside speeding past.

An elderly man was about to depart the train at Florence when he appeared to look like he was missing something. I asked if he was ok and sure enough his travel bag had been stolen from the top luggage compartment above his head. I felt so sad for him as he was quite distressed and didn’t know whether to leave the train or wait. He managed to find a conductor who didn’t appear to be much help even after he was explaining he had all of his medication inside the bag. I hope he is able to get his medication and try to continue his journey with enjoyment. After this everyone on the train was carefully watching their bags. A large group of Italian girls boarded the train with what appeared to be another group of Americans. I asked if they had seat numbers. they had talked the Americans into paying them to get their luggage onto the train. Then they asked for more and left. Once they realized they had been scammed they we all laughing about it. They had been staying in Tuscany and were on their way home via Venice for a few days and back home to Colarado. It was nice to chat to English speaking people for a short time. After a few more hours of travel and constant checking of bags we arrived in Venice traveling on the Ponte Della Liberta with the Canale Colambola on both sides. We saw what appeared to be Gondola practice or races. Someone should tell them they can sit down. We arrived at Santa Lucia Station with the usually confusion as to where next… the signs were any help. Confronted by a number of steps we managed to get all 4 suitcases down. The next challenge was to work out where to catch the Vaporetto boat to our apartment. We ended up with a 7 day pass which gives you endless rides. We thought this would make the most sense….200 euro later! I think there is a Venice pass that also gets you access to the museums….oh well. We contacted the apartment manager once we we on number one Vaporetto heading via Lido to our stop at Ca’ Rezzonico. A lovely woman named Rachel was waiting for us. We walked a short way along a alley to a couple of bridges. I am going to invent a suitcase made specifically for the terrain of Italy. Oh well a good workout was had! Our apartment of course had 15 marble steps to the front door……a job for the men! Kate and I had the apartment tour. Everything looked great. The Venice apartment is very comfortable and clean and another large space for us all to move around in. The kitchen looks brand new and ready for some breakfasts to be cooked!

We all get settled and feel very at home. On go the coats as the temperature is a bit colder than Rome. We walk a few streets and cross a few bridges and canals following the tradition of this trip so far of looking for a place to eat while we are all starving. We did notice a lot of restaurants were closed. Thomas noticed the missing crowds of people bumping into you and cars and scooters trying to run you over. No staring down the driver coming towards you in Venice. We found a cute little restaurant Osteria Doge Morosini for more pizza…..Thomas said best one yet, lasagne….also best one yet and salted cod ravioli and squid ink pasta with Seafood. A great night of family laughter and good conversation from all! I love us all being together.

A chilly walk back, path, alley, bridge, canal, bridge, bridge, path!
Goodnight Venice.


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