Day 9- San Marco, Venice


A lazy day today…..the rain drops fall on the canal while the boats rock from side to side. David has had a walk and managed to bring back some dog DNA……as well as a scrubbing brush, detergent and gloves ready for the surgery……we have all hidden our toothbrushes!

We had a great hot breakfast which will probably double as lunch. We have found BBC news and enjoying listening to English. Unfortunately Kate has left her HSC PIN in Sydney so she is still unaware of her mark. We will check the Sydney Morning Herald later tonight.

Through the rain we walk to San Marco. Lots of gorgeous designer shops in tiny little spaces. The piazza was quiet due to the rain. Walked around and found so many Murano glass shops. I would rather head over to the island to buy some. We are all cold and not wanting to pay 1.5 euro to wee so we head to Harry’s Bar. We make ourselves comfortable in this lovely warm bar…..I think we may be sitting just where Ernest Hemingway sat all those years ago. The bar was for the elite and after paying 83 euro for 2 cafe, 1 hot chocolate and 3 cakes we now know what they mean.

Ventured further into the shopping precinct and then back via the vaporetti to our apartment after a stop at the supermarket for some afternoon nibbles. We are now gathered around the table with cheese, olives, wine, prosciutto and Pringles all with screens in front online…..thank goodness for the apartment WiFi!!!!

2 quick alleys and 2 bridges and we arrive for dinner at Ristoteca Oniga. I know the Italian economy is tough but just a little smile would have been nice from the waiter. The food was so salty which was a shame as the ingredients looked great! We still have a night of good chatting.



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