Day 10- Venice


Good morning…..bells are ringing and people have started their days of business walking up and down the canal. David is walking, Kate is sleeping, I am blogging and Thomas is gaming. Visiting the island of Murano to see the famous glass and there is a Leonardo Da VInci machine exhibition close to our apartment. We still have 4 days in total here in Venice to do a day trip to Verona to do the Romeo and Juliet experience, Santa Maria Della Salute at the entrance of the Grand Canal, San Nicolo dei Mendicoli (the oldest church in Venice), Accademia to see some art and David mentioned the Peggy Guggenheim Collection for apparently a few hidden surprises!

We walk over to catch the Vaporetto to the Island of Murano to see some beautiful colored glass. The weather is quite foggy so not much of a view to be had as the boat rocks back and forward along the water run. The island appears to be very quiet during this low season for tourists. We managed to find the tail end of a glass blowing demo but other than that not a lot of places open. Not a big fan of the colored glass but there were some very tasteful pieces in between. We go for a lap of the island until Kate let us know she was getting hungry. We hopped back on the Vaporetto back to Venice. We walked back through San Marco area and found a funny little cafe for a bite to eat. The afternoon was used up trying to find some boots for me and over the Rialto Bridge to Santa Croce area for some shopping. Back to our apartment for a quick siesta. Thomas was the designated person to select a restaurant for dinner. He took us to San Marco to to a charming restaurant opposite Bulgari….so we got a feeling it catered for the finer diners! Ristorante la Caravella was spot on. The waiter took our coats and designed a table for us as we had no booking and the restaurant was full. We were offered many breads and the waiter smiled the whole time we were there. Thomas enjoy a wonderful piece of medium rare beef fillet with Dijon sauce, they made a special pasta for Kate’s liking, David had a delicate salmon ravioli and my choice was the traditional Venetian FIsh Soup which was fabulous with minimal salt and great flavor. We all had a wonderful night. Thomas mentioned it was quite expensive but they really looked after us and it was our best dinner so far……

Home to the apartment for night 3. Feels like snow in the air!



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