Day 13- Our last day in Venice


The weather is cold but the sky is blue as! We finally make our way out at 12pm…..a lazy Sunday. We walk to the head of to the Grand Canal for a Sunday walk along the water…..the sun is shining, people are sitting outside in cafes. In the distance we can see a very large ocean liner that has docked and another carrier which is a Greek type of Spirit of Tasmania which moves people and cars but is still quite large. We enjoy the sunshine as looming in the distance is a dark cloud formation like none I have seen before. We are concerned as we are working with 1 umbrella. We work our way back to St Marco Square to see the Doge Palace. As we were walking along the facade of buildings towards the palace I notice the similarity in the Venetian architectural facade and that of the once World Trade Centre, New York. On further investigation the Japanese architect of the twin towers was influenced by St Mark’s Square in Venice. The Doge Palace or Palazzo Ducale was quite an amazing gothic palace but very cold inside and out. We saw a current Egyptain exhibition showing at the moment which had an actual mummy with a fabulous beaded funeral shroud. The rooms were so luxurious with golden ceiling details and numerous panels of paintings. The prison was very very cold and you could really feel what it would have been like in Winter for the prisoners. We walked through the bridge of Sighs which connects the palace and the prison. After doing a full loop of all the rooms available to the public we had a warm cup of cafe and chocolate cake.

Next stop is the Basilica of San Marco. The crowds of children were gathering, obviously for a children’s service of some sort. David decided to go to the crypt as we were unable to access the church itself. Unfortunately while we waited for David, the doors were opened. We took some shots at the entrance of the golden dome. As we waited for David it was getting quite bitterly cold. A young Indian boy was trying to make a music video but the Italian Polizia soon put an end to that. We walked back to the apartment via the San Marco shops, still searching for a pair of boots but I managed to find a nice thick wool scarf as I knew it would be 1 degree celcius in Milan the next day and my neck would love me for it.

We did get a little lost siding through the lanes and over canals. The place we had planned for dinner was not open so we decided to return to Casin dei Nobili as the food was quite good. We had some bream with mussels and prawns, seafood spaghetti and Kate and Thomas had steak and fries and managed to get a yearning look from a table of English kids when they saw the fries. Dinner included interesting convocation which appeared to turn into a debate for some at the table.

Good night Venice…..too much VIno Rossi!


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