Day 15- Shopping in Milano


After our introduction to Milan yesterday we looked forward to seeing the Duomo and some shops. We had a lovely breakfast for 12 euro each with scrambled eggs and pastries. A lovely lady told the kids they had a cool mum. I think Kate and Thomas just thought she was a crazy Serbian woman speaking English!

Our first stop was the pharmacy across the road for some nose inhaler for Thomas and nail clippers for Kate. Thank goodness for my travel Chanel No 5 in my bag as a man tried to tried to stink us all out of the store. Amazing the universal language of pointing to the culprit and waving your hand in front of your nose. Realizing my new scarf did contain wool and was making my neck itchy, we quickly changed it at the hotel. We caught the Metro to Duomo once again and took some more city photos of the cathedral and the gorgeous Galleria dome. David was on a mission to avoid eating Italian food again for dinner so we walked through all of the gorgeous designer shops to Armani Nobu to make a booking for this evening. We then walked back to La Rinascente, a large David Jones like designer store with a fabulous food market at the top floor.

We continued our shopping for the day stopping at the auto grill for a quick panini which we ate standing up at a table. Kate and Thomas were missing home and slices bread so we went to a McDonalds Restaurant for a chicken burger and cheese burger and fries…..Thomas mentioned they had beer on tap also! The kind lady gave Thomas what we think was all the coins she had in her register! We continued our shopping for a bit longer, took some photos and then back to the Metro to the Crowne Plaza at the kids request. I think they just wanted to flop on their beds for an hour or so before dinner. Fair enough! David and I opted for a Margarita and gin and tonic per dinner drink in the hotel bar with a video of an open fire……works for me!

We dressed up a little for our dinner at Nobu. Found the right Metro train. Checked in our coats. The restaurant was fairly quiet at 8pm. The lower level bar area and restaurant is smoking and upstairs is non smoking. I am not too sure how they get away with this. Our waiter, Marco was lovely. He was very helpful with our choices. We even showed him photos on our phones from food pictures of dishes at other Nobu dinners. We ordered some wine with Marco’s recommendation that would be full bodied. Kate and Thomas were open
to new flavours and textures which was great to see. Marco asked if Kate and Thomas if they would be having wine…….I explained that Thomas was only 15 ……the answer was “ah but this is Italy”. We had a scallop dish that had crispy fine birds nest like noodles surrounding it, Nobu fried fish, dory on cucumber with the best spices lime dressing, black cod which has been a favorite of ours at each Nobu, a cream cheese wrapped in iceberg with fish on top, miso soup, fried tofu with sushimi on top and a great sushi platter and a few more dishes. Everyone had plenty to eat and a great night was had by us all. A rather expensive night but so worth it and a memorable night in Milano.

Back to the Crown Plaza on the Metro…..still a lot of people using it late at at night. A great way to get around.

Good night Milano.


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