Day 16- The Last Supper in Milano


We decided to skip the hotel breakfast this morning and grab a quick panini on the hop. My eyes hurt after our night at Nobu….go figure. We rugged up for another 3 degree day. Mission today was to pick up some nail polish remover so I can try to extend the life of my nails. This would reveal itself as mission impossible!

Kate wanted to check out the Disney Store so we calculated the best Metro stop. We stopped at a cafe and sat down for a espresso, capacinno, hot chocolate and a selection of paninis. We continued our walk up to the shopping area where Disney lives past yet more Dolce&Gabbana and Prada stores. We found a shopping strip at the back of the Duomo Cathedral. Amazing view of the scaffold on the Duomo where they clean and restore the marble. Kate was in heaven, walking out with a soft Simba in a cool Disney bag. We then visit the Swatch store for a not so secret Christmas gift for Kate….the latest touch screen digital watch in a funky sky blue color. Vincenzo (appears that many shop assistants share this name?) was very helpful and tried so hard to communicate in English with us and wished us all a merry Christmas. Next stop revealed itself….Excelsior Milano….a by funky department store. The first level was as warm as toast and had a long line of people coming out of the store for what appeared to be a moving line of people viewing the Tiffany stock. This appeared to be a pattern in the Tiaffany stores…is this due to Christmas or just a normal event? We obviously had not come to Milano to line up for Tiffany. We found some great gizmos and purchased a couple of recharge batteries for our mobile phones. Great little cylinder battery charger for your bag. We ventured through the floors until we found the best bistro ……Excelsior Eats Bistro. While we waited for a seat I checked out the fabulous wine collection shop and found the Prosecco wine which was not that expensive. We had a lovely lunch of salmon on bean purée, fish soup with croutons and Kate and Thomas had a fabulous hamburger with an enormous piece of dinosaur beef between a bun. Every morsel was eaten as we were all quite hungry. The Prosecco sparkling wine was iced cold and wonderful. We had a bit more time until we needed to leave for our booking to see the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci at Santa Maria delle Grazie. In the meantime I needed to locate some nail polish remover. We first tried the pharmacy….they only had straight acetone so we went to the department store. After asking every sales person at every cosmetic counter we discovered nail polish remover was very rare. I did then notice that hardly and Italian women have their nails painted and there are no nail salons? They do sell nail polish… how the hell do they get the stuff off……my brain was hurting. We headed to the Last Supper on the Metro to Santa Maria delle Grazie. We arrived but were a little unsure of where the entrance was. We were directed by an elderly lady working in a church shop who told us to head through the chapel and out the door. In the church there were many people in the confessionals. You could see them with the priest and even hear what they were saying…..well the Italians could! A special entrance and we had arrived to see the Last Supper. We were told to come back in 10 minutes so we walked around the church. All tickets must be booked online with a designated time as this is the only way to gain entry. Each small group is then taken in. Of course my bladder failed me and I requested in some type of Italian language to use a toilette. The security guard let me out through a series of exit and entry doors until I cam to the loo. 2 foot pedals later I was much more comfortable. The guide was waiting to close the first security door behind me befor the next set could be opened. We went through a series of about 3 doors before all was revealed and there on a huge wall was the Last Supper by LDV. We stayed for a short period of time before we were shuffled away to make way for the next group. The dry fresco takes much effort to constantly clean it and keep the temperature even. Even though over time it had suffered a WWII bomb blast and some wise guy built a door in the centre which managed to then destroy Jesus’ feet under the table. It was so worth coming to see this.

We caught the Metro back to the hotel with the added entertainment from a woman singing on the train with a microphone……not too sure if she was accepting money to stop singing. Back at the hotel David and I had our last Margarita and gin then we checked the hotel for a place to eat. Just around the corner Ristorante Terraferma. Italian food with attitude. We will book under Corleoni next time. Thomas enjoyed his chicken which what was called French fries but looked like mushed up hash browns. Kate had the traditional margarita pizza, I had mussels with spaghetti and David had a seafood spaghetti in a pastry type of casing.

Back for a good night sleep ready to lack up in the morning to see if our suitcases have put on any weight.


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