Day 17- Train to Genoa


We had a good cooked breakfast at the hotel. Squashed our suitcases together and did a 12 minute walk to the station this time instead of the complicated Metro connection. It is a lovely sunny morning with beautiful blue sky as we head off to Genova. Kate and I check out a cosmetic store Sephora that has discounted cosmetics and makeup for less than duty free. i price all the things I need which I will pick up at the end ofnour rail trips. We have to wait a while for the platform to be announced. We are a bit confused where the 2nd first class carriage is but board and then find our correct seats as the train may leave without us. We are getting very good at throwing our luggage on board making sure someone is one board to receive them. We relax on board with a drink and snacks. No free drinks on this train? We watch the train change from flat green fields to tunnels and hills until we arrive at Genova. As we arrive we can see the buildings on the hillside and the coastline. Genova station is under some renovations so we had to get our suitcases up and down stairs. We came out the front of the train station and up a short hill was The Hotel Savoui where we are staying. The art deco hotel is quite historic and grand and a lovely place to stay. We drop our luggage and see the city of Genova before its dark. The buildings are very grand in a city that is more ordinary. We get some great photos in the wonderful setting sun. We get a feel for the streets and ventured down to the waterfront. It is set up like a type of Darling Harbour and has an amazing structure sitting in the water. We walked to Piazza de Ferrari which has a great central fountain. We walked past Palazzo Ducale which is a palace now an art gallery with Gauguin to Van Gogh exhibition we plan to visit tomorrow. We saw the Teatro Carlo Felice and then ventured along the alleys which then appeared to become a little seedy…..we really should not have been there but we managed to make our way back to the hotel unscathed!

Back at the hotel we relaxed with a Prosecco or 2 and some gin and tonic with olives and pistachio nuts. We then had our siesta. We walked around looking for a place to eat convincing David we should go any further as guys were appearing in groups from around corners and I was not feeling safe. We backtracked to the restaurant was has past which had an interesting menu but concerned David when there was hardly anyone in there. We were taken upstairs in Ristorante Pandemonio. We were the only ones up there with a food lift to bring our dishes. We started with an egg based bread type dish true to Genoa and then a fish soup of course, seafood spaghetti, a beef dish with artichoke and Kate had a ragu lasagne. We finished with a chocolate cake like a pudding and a tiramisu. Thomas was the perceptive one noticed a Billy Holiday song “time and time again” which was playing over and over again. We all did a web search and found a you tube recording and we all played it at the same time. The waitress finally worked out what we were doing and laughed. We then tried to explain to the waitress with her limited English or maybe our limited Italiano that we needed another CD playing before we all jumped out of the window. The smoke from outside was also wafting up the staircase so it was time to go……. What a shame the owner had not come up to say hi and maybe suggest some of his special dishes.

We got back safely and straight to bed for a good nights sleep.


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