Day 18- Day in Genoa


We enjoyed a great breakfast with so many choices from cereals, fruits, eggs, smoked salmon, cakes, donuts, chocolate croissants…..something for us all. No lunch for us. We finally made our way into the town. Today we would visit the Palazzo Ducale to see the Gauguin to Van Gogh Exhibition. As we arevwalking I notice my right boot heel is making a funny clopping noise. Yes the excessive walking and finely layed Italian roads have taken their toll and the bottom layer of my heel has fallen off. We backtrack only one street and David spots it. I will try to glue it back on tonight with nail glue but I have decided that i will find some boots today……easier said than done with my body builder calf muscles. Oh well I will stay positive. We check out a few Castlereagh like streets then we head back to the gallery. After trying to find where the tickets are sold we check in our bags. The pieces on display are wonderful. The Van Goghs are very worthwhile seeing even though there was only 1 large Gauguin painting to be seen. We continue our Genoa exploration and discovered different parts of the city. We found Via Dei Roma and great shopping strip with more everyday shopping. Finally a great department store with boots made for me. I finally decide to do chocolate brown after lots of indecision. Due to my boot heel malfunction earlier I am forced into being a big kid and wearing the new boots home. Kate and Thomas are quite hungry…lunches have been quite confusing as we have such late breakfasts. A short walk down the street and I realize I should have got the black boots as well. So I head back while the others make their way to McDonalds for a bit to eat. The woman in the store named Andrea has been very helpful and loved speaking English with me and asking about Australia. She organizes the the other boots as well. We head to the McDonalds where wraps, burgers and fries are chomped into and we can have a toilet break. We continue the journey looking at the city arch and other great churches scattered through the city trying to dodge the dog poos and what appears to be a see of dog wee! After lots of walking and wearing in new boots, we end up back at our hotel. Time for a pre dinner drink. My restauranat choice tonight.


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