27th December 2011- Uffizi Gallery and the Statue of David


Off to see the Uffizi Gallery today, the most famous art museum of the western world, and the Accademia Gallery. A bit of walking I imagine. Cooked breakfast and walked quickly to the gallery for 10.15am. Another brilliant blue sky not a cloud to be seen Winters day in Florence. The weather has been wonderful. We are very glad that we booked tickets for Ufizzi as the line for tickets was quite long. Once we were through the security check we had a few flights of stairs to climb before the viewing began. I have a new founded respect for Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance paints and sculptors. We ended up splitting into 2’s which was probably better. Kate and David and Thomas and myself. We used our phones for Internet checks on some of the paintings and making sure we focused on the more notable pieces such as Boticelli’s Birth of Venus, the Annunciation by Leonardo de VInci, Carravaggio’s Medusa and TItians Venus of Urbino. Thomas spotted Canaletto who painted scenes from Venus and Thomas remembered the ones we had seen atbthe National Gallery in London as he was very interested in what Venice looked like prior to our arrival there. After about 3 hours of walking and appreciating paintings that took years to complete, we walked up to then Accademia Gallery where the famous statue of David appears. We also prebooked the tickets which helped us skip the lines of people waiting. The sandwich we grabbed from a nearby supermarket was awful…the Italians should stick to pizza and paninis. The kids had the right idea with a tube of Pringles.

We saw a great display of violins, cellos and other instruments through the ages. Thomas enjoyed this and commented on the pigs gut used for the strings where now they use metal strings. We arrived in the room with David, the statue of Michelangelo not father and husband David, where his imposing statue sits right under a the dome of the Accademia building on a pedestal with Perspex surrounding the statue. It is good as it means everyone can have a good uninterrupted look. David is so tall…..more than I realized and you can really get a good view of him in 3D with seating all around the wall. Someone in our group broke the rules and managed to take a photo on his iPhone while discreetly looking as though he was using the Internet.

After losing the feeling of our legs and craving gelato we headed back to the apartment but we were slightly distracted by the beginning of the sales…..green dot is 30% off and red dot is 50% off after my curiosity got the better of me and I asked a rather excited Italian woman who was very keen to let me know….no translation was needed….we were using the universal language of it is on sale now! We were not lucky this afternoon but would return tomorrow. Some leather gloves would be nice to take home along with the 2 pairs of boots I have found already in Genoa. We return to the apartment for our Italian siesta and vino Rossi and berra. Contemplating finding the right place for dinner…..I have made my suggestions…..sometimes on deaf ears!


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