Day 24- Museo del Bargello and Traveling to Rome today


Rough night last night with indigestion and heart burn. Too many vinos last night. Decided not to do the Museo del Bargello as I was just too tired. David crept out at 8.15am for the opening of the museum that has a great Donatello and Michelangelo collection. I then woke up and realized I had to get myself moving and get e kids up as we we’re checking out at 11am and our train to Rome leaves at 12.15pm, so I decided to move quickly and get to the museum also. We were all ready and packed. I made my way to the museum at 9.15am. The security man said I looked beautiful this morning which was a good start even though he may have needed to check his glasses! Only 4 euro to enter and hardly anyone at the museum. The ground floor courtyard had some very large busts and statues. The next floor contained Florentine bronze artifacts and beautiful porcelain plates and terra cotta sculptures and another floor with coin collection and magnificent miniature bronze figures. There was a special room with Donatello bronze sculptures and people who studied with him, as well as his first statue of David in marble. The ground floor had some Michelangelo sculptures in marble and stone even though a few were missing.

I managed to get back to the apartment by 10.30am and was surprised on the way back by a man who was familiar to me….another David. We did the final clean up of rubbish and checking we have left nothing behind and we were already to go. A lady arrived to check the apartment and apparently help us with luggage…..she was tiny so no good asking her to carry any bags. Still cannot understand why we were not Travelling in a taxi and lugging the 4 large suitcases and 4 hand luggage that was growing bigger with each leg of our trip. We made it after a 20 minute walk and pull, dodging poos and sees and zig zagging through the crowds of people arriving in Florence with suitcases…..much smaller than ours. Maybe they learned the hard way.

There was a 10 minute delay with our train so we ducked into McDonalds for a kind of missed breakfast ….I don’t really care what I eat as I am starving….food! The train arrives and as usual you appear to be penalized for Travelling 1st class and have to run for your carriage at the wrong end of the platform. On board David does the suitcase reorganizing to make them all fit. We sit down with iPads being charged and used, iPhones and Nintendo DS games being played.


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