Day 26- New Year’s Day in Rome 2012


We slept in and decided to have a stroll around Rome for the day…..well thee were no shops open and it was our last chance to see anything we may have missed. We found Caesars pizza place near the forum…….great having slices of pizza and espresso for breakfast…..well mine was a healthy mozzarella and tomato pizza. We walked past the empty bottles and packets of cigarettes from the New Year’s Eve celebrations. After seeing the number of people injured we were glad that we decided to head back to our apartment at 11.50pm and just get a glimpse of fireworks and the odd throw down outside our window. The baracades we still there and some fallen down. The weather was overcast but the rain looked like it would stay away. The stage from last nights concert was still set up.

First stop was Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro Traiano, a beautiful Baroque church. We were unsure of taking photos but once I saw one of the sisters taking photos with her camera, I felt assured it was ok….who would tell a nun to stop taking photos. We then continued our walk with the rest of Rome through the forums and ancient Roman ruins. We climbed up to Capitoline Hill to reveal a great view from the back of the Victor Emmanual Monument built for the 1st king of Italy in 1911. At the top is was Palazzo Senatoria designed by Michelangelo along with the other buildings and the geometric paving of the piazza del Campidoglio. The museums are not open today.


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  1. ” HAPPY NEW YEAR ” to you all, sounds like your having fun on the trip : ) Im exhausted just reading it! Takecare and See you Soon xox Barbs

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