Day 28- City of Naples and Pompeii Tour Guide


We are up and early for a 7.30am breakfast thanks to David’s talking alarm clock that he sets then has about 50 snooze alarms to irritate the whole 3rd floor of the hotel. Breakfast is nothing to write home about but we manage some cold scrambled eggs and so so sweet croissants. Hurray for the English for the best breakfasts.

We wait downstairs for our Viator guide and driver. Maria arrives and introduces herself. Our tour is split into a city of Naples tour and Pompeii tour. Our city tour is just us, the guide and the driver. We meet then driver who takes us a short way to Naples Duomo, the Santa Maria Assunta. The relics of Saint Gennaro, Naple’s patron saint of Naples. The Capella contains the blood phials of his congealed blood which miraculously liquified 3 times a year and also contains his tomb. The church was built around the original 1300’s temple of Apollo. The ceilings are so high. We then drive on to


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