Day 32- Discover the city of Palermo


The hotel breakfast was nothing to write home about but I am mentioning it anyway. We decide to walk the city today and discover Palermo. We are all still a bit tired from yesterday’s train journey from Naples. Our first stop is of course a lovely church Santa along the way with gorgeous Baroque style. The architecture in Palermo shows the Arab/oriental and European influences. Behind the ornate city is a network of streets with crumbling medieval walls.

We continued our walk and saw the mannerist Fontana Pretoria in the centre of the piazza with its beautiful white marble sculptures and Santa Caterina with it’s dome. Looks like it is shut. We are now aware that the Sicilians close shops at 1pm and re open at 4pm. Restaurants are still going as this is when they stop for lunch then a rest or siesta.

Further along we stop at some funny little shops that sell all types of army and police uniforms as well as replica badges and even police identification badges….amazing.

We stop at Palermo Cathedral or the Duomo. It is very impressive with it’s wide front. It was founded in 1184. From the outside you can see Gothic style then inside the Catalan style and Norman. It is a real mix, even with Islamic influences.

Palazzo dei Normanni- Italian guided tour
Cappella Palatinate

Louis Vuitton
Teatro Mossimo
The tea cosy beanie
Teatro Politeamo

We had great per dinner drinkers…..gin and tonic and the strongest martini. My head hurts already.

We ended up at a great restaurant called Ristorante Gadir after walking a few back lanes, where we ate great seafood and fabulously cooked fish. Desserts were the best with chocolate torte, mousse and of course cassata. We rolled home.


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