Day 35- Flying to Rome then London


All packed and ready to go. Big 2 days of air travel. We have our last breakfast and a big black people mover van arrives to take us to Palermo airport. It is a bit of a drive to the airport. Once we arrive David gets hit with an excess baggage fee even though our other 3 bags are under weight. The sun is shining and the view on takeoff from Palermo is quite beautiful.

Once we arrive in Rome we head for the BA lounge while I search to claim the VAT back on my LV bag. Great I get there without the boarding pass for our last flight from Europe but of course we can’t get it until we arrive in London. I am then told I can claim it in London.

Arrival in London we head for the BA lounge even though due to the delay from Rome we have hardly any time to spend at the first lounge. We are shuffled to the dining room for a formal dinner but the kids are not quite invited……great. We make keep the kids with us and they bring them some pies and soup.


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